30 June 2008

Speech - On Mindless Menace of Violence

Dear readers,

first of all many thanks for reading this post!
It is a long time that I wanted to write something about this short video, that better than any other document elucidates the thoughts of Senator Robert Kennedy.

Click here for the video on you tube!

while here there is the video transcription (in English):

Sen. Robert Kennedy gave this speech the day after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, the fourth of April 1968, 2 months and 1 day before he was also brutally assassinated in Los Angeles.

Since I believe that the speech is clear enough, I will not add too much to it. The only thing is important to me to be mentioned is that this document together with the others you can find on-line at the JFK library or at the RFK memorial , clearly suggests the political, social and economical reasons behind the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy.

I will come back to you in the next weeks with a proper documentation about which are, in my opinion, the reasons behind the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy, but before I terminate this post, I have a request for you:

please, try to imagine how the world would have been, if Sen. Robert Kennedy had had the possibility to become President of USA in 1968? Would the world have been better? And if you agree with that, are you willing to try to make the world a better place according to what Sen. Robert Kennedy told us to do? Try to think about!

I wish you all the best!

29 June 2008

L'insensata minaccia della violenza di Robert Kennedy

Care Lettrici, Cari Lettori,

e' un po' di tempo che volevo scrivere qualcosa a riguardo di uno dei miei eroi.
Purtroppo l'articolo originale e' in inglese, ma ho comunque provveduto a tradurlo per voi in italiano.

Fate click qui per il video su you tube (in inglese).

mentre qui c'e' il link al testo in originale (in inglese) sul sito ufficiale su Robert Kennedy:

Purtroppo la maggiorparte del materiale in rete, ad esempio sul sito della
JFK library o su quello del RFK memorial, e' in lingua inglese.
Se dovessi trovare adeguata documentazione in italiano, la postero' al piu' presto.

Il Sen. Robert Kennedy tenne questo discorso il giorno dopo l'assassinio di Dr. Martin Luther King, il quattro Aprile del 1968, due mesi ed un giorno prima di essere anche lui brutalmente assassinato a Los Angeles.

Credo che questo discorso sia chiaro abbastanza, e percio' non mi prolunghero' troppo. La sola cosa che mi preme dire a proposito di questo documento e' che esso, insieme a quelli che potete trovare sulla biblioteca JFK library o sul sito RFK memorial , delinea chiaramente le ragioni politiche, sociali ed economiche che si celano dietro il brutale assassinio politico del Sen. Robert Kennedy.

Tornero' su questo argomento in seguito, fornendovi un'ampia documentazione (tutta in inglese) su quelle, che secondo me, sono le ragioni dietro l'assassinio del Sen. Robert Kennedy.
Prima di terminare il post, volevo porvi la seguente domanda:
cercate per favore, di immaginare come sarebbe stato il mondo, nel caso in cui il Sen, Robert Kennedy avesse potuto vincere le elezioni e di conseguenza diventare presidente degli USA nel 1968? Sarebbe stato il mondo migliore? E se si, avete voglia di tentare di cambiarlo secondo quanto detto dal Sen. Robert Kennedy? Pensateci!


Versione in italiano del discorso

28 June 2008

Letter - Another contribute for Barack Obama

Dear readers,

first of all thanks for reading my blog and thanks in advance for your comments.

Hereafter, I decided to post another letter, written some months ago, to support Barack Obama in front of the Super Delegates of the Democratic Party.
I am posting it, since I found this contribute very well structured and written.

At the moment, the two letters posted on this blog are not any more "necessary" to help Barack Obama to being support by the Super Delegate since he has been already nominated as democrat candidate for the US 2008 elections.
But on the other hand, I think that the two letters represent an useful contribute to the discussion about the need of a change inside the US administration and government.

For obvious reasons, I deleted all reference that could have helped to identify the author of the letter. Here comes the letter:

My name is ???, I was born in yyo, ???, in ????. I graduated in ??? in ??? and got a ??? in
??? in ??? from ???. Since mid ???? I live in ????, ???.

I care a lot about politics, especially international politics.
I think it cannot be disputed that the US pursued, especially during the past 7 years of Bush administration, an international agenda focused on global domination, unilateralism and arbitrary and unjustified use of military force.
The huge sums of money wasted into oil wars, unnecessary homeland security and the so called "space shield" contributed to determine a sensible economic slowdown, possibly leading to recession not only in the US, but in the whole world. Federal debt grew to unprecedented levels. On top of this, the decision not to ratify the Kyoto protocol by the world's biggest polluter posed a formidable obstacle to the advancement of the international efforts aimed at the reduction of carbon dioxide's and pollutants' emissions.

For these and other reasons I won't bother mentioning, the US is widely perceived around the world as an evil and selfish nation, using its enormous power and influence in order to promote the interests of a small oligarchy of corporations and lobbyists, instead of peace, democracy, stability and economic development. Disaffection, if not open hostility, toward the US is growing steadily all around the world.
Therefore, I think it is urgent for the US to radically change policy by electing a president who listens to the needs of the people and not to those of lobbyists, who prefers spending federal budget for universal health care and education instead of wasting money in oil wars, who is willing to promote huge investments in renewable and sustainable energies for the future, who's expression of the people rather than of the establishment and thus has a strong motivation for change.

I strongly believe that the presidential candidate who better embodies these radically different policies is Barack Obama and I'm actively supporting his campaign even though I'm not a US citizen. This is because I think the whole world would benefit from good policy coming from the US.

17 June 2008

Letter - We should support Barack Obama

Hallo everyone,

this is my first post and I wanted to start with an email I sent to the so-called SuperDelegates of the democratic US party in order to convince them to vote for Barack Obama.

Hereafter you can find the link to the message board where you can write similar mail to the Super delegates.

Best regards
Antonio Napoli

The letter I sent to the Super delegates:

Dear Super delegates,

my name is Antonio Napoli. I was born in Salerno (south of Italy) in 1974.
I graduated in electrical engineering at the Politecnico of Torino, one of the best technical university in Italy, and got a PhD in the same field.
Currently I live in Munich (Germany) where I work with Nokia Siemens Networks as a R&D engineer.

During my studies I had the opportunity to travel around Europe to enlarge my technical knowledge; moreover my beautiful girlfriend comes from Taiwan; therefore, I believe I have the same degree of open-mindedness of the president candidate Mr. Barack Obama.

Although having a strong background in engineering, I have always had a particular interest in history, which later on became a passion for politics.
When you are interested either in modern history or in politics, you have to deal with the history of USA.
At the foundation of US as a country, it established one of the milestones of modern democracies with US constitution of 1787, which still represents one of the most advanced constitutions in the world.
US constitution, already in late eighteen century has introduced concepts as protecting the right to free exercise of religion and freedom of speech. In the following centuries US will strongly contribute to the recognition of the most important civil rights.

When I had my first approach to the study of history, the common impression about US was of a country fighting all-over the world for defending peace, democracy and human rights.
Later one, during my adolescence, I understood that the US government, in particular, after the assassination of the two Kennedy brothers, was just the speaker of enormous interests carried on for big corporations working on field of healthy care, weapon, oil, etc.
The president of USA, as we can easily read in officially documents, receives donation from such companies, and is than forced to satisfy their interests during his presidency.
Examples about this collusive pact are homogeneously spread over the past 40 years, with a small difference between the democrats candidates compared to the republicans.

Finally, something astonishing happens during the 2008 primary USA elections. Where an almost unknown senator, who has dedicated his life to defend and help poor people in his home town, strikes in the campaign and he candidates himself to become the next US president without receiving financing from the mentioned companies.

There are several original things in the proposal coming from Barack Obama, but in my opinion three of them are much more important than the others.
First, his program is entirely focused on peace. He often mentions that he will be a freedom president, rather than
a war one. I do not know the perception you have in USA concerning what the other countries think about yours, but if you travel out of USA you can clearly feel that the politics headed by the US administration (directly by the US government or indirectly by (for example) the International monetary found) do not have a such high reputation...US is perceived as the country that to pursue his unilateral politics will resort military action.
Second, Obama extensively characterized his program with solutions for education and health care for the US citizens. I would not underestimate Obama's proposal to provide all the students with 4000$/year provided that they will look after poor or handicap persons or in general they will work for the society. This is an astonishing way to increase the common sense of united society, and I would vote for Obama just because of this idea.
Last and the most important is that, neither the strong pharmaceutical industries nor the weapon companies nor the oil ones financed Barack Obama. He has not to account for something to anyone, except the US citizens who financed him with hundreds of thousand of donations. In other words: Barack Obama is free to fully accomplish his electoral program. This is the most astonishing and innovative aspect of the candidate Barack Obama!

I believe that the entire world needs a good government in USA, therefore the world needs Barack Obama.
Although I am not a US citizen, I care about what is going on in USA, therefore I strongly support the nomination of Barack Obama as candidate of the Democrats for the 2008 US presidency campaign.

yours sincerely,
Antonio Napoli