4 July 2009

Is Italy the only one to be blamed?

Here comes a recent letter I wrote to a journalist who was talking about our beloved Prime Minister:

Dear Dr. Geoff Andrews,

My name is Antonio Napoli.
I am a young Italian researcher in the field of telecommunication.
I just finished to read your very interesting article, hereafter reported:


and I would like to discuss few points with you :

In your essay you clearly describe some truth concerning the current status of the modern Italy.
Your analysis is certainly much deeper than many others I have been reading in the last years, and in particular in the last weeks.

You pointed out several issues that may arise in case Berlusconi's leadership terminates in the next weeks/months, by comparing it with what happens to Mussolini the 25th July 1943. Well, the situation is very different, and apart the fact that Berlusconi may be betrayed by his allies I don't see any other relations between the two men. #Mussolini was a dictator that lead Italy to a dramatic war, but, at least, Mussolini loved, although in a very particular way, Italy. On the other hand Berlusconi loves only himself and money, and he has no interest in his own country.

You mentioned that even if Italy will be one day free from Berlusconi's regime, the country will still suffer a dramatic decadence.
In this concern, you are fully right. The Italian society has been destroyed by more than 20 years of complete and extensive brain-washing.
The brain of Italians is nowadays as the Latin said like a "tabula rasa", an empty and cleaned blackboard.
If one day Berlusconi will resign or die, the Italian society will be, probably, not ready to deal with the current modern world.
Moreover, already many people, in particular many young researchers, left Italy, and the country will suffer because of the dramatic
lack of knowledge in technology, medicine, mathematics and whatsoever is needed to build an advanced economy in this second millennium.

Berlusconi's televisions imposed a model of life where to reach success you do not need to work hard and study.
Meritocracy is an unknown word to the ordinary Italian.
His model tells us that everything you need is your beauty, luck, and astuteness.
Moreover, Berlusconi convinced Italians that honesty and respect of the law is something dumb.
These two "strong achievements" of his televisions and many others have set dramatic limitations to the future of modern Italy,
which will lead to a terrible crisis under all the thinkable aspects. Italy is likely going to live its worst crisis since the end of the Roman empire.

This is surely something sad, and something that in your article has been reported.
By the way, I have a simple request for you, since I recognize the deepness of your article, I think we can move forward and mention other issues, so far neglected, in order to provide your readers a complete picture of causes and effects.

I have the impression that in the article you've never mentioned the key-points of Berlusconi atypical government or maybe better say regime. Berlusconi is the main outcome of the influence and interference of other countries (mainly GB and USA) on Italy.

Here is the weblink of an example written in italian

here is another one in english

GB and USA were extremely afraid of the power of the communist party in the 70s, and they planned (please have a look at other recently declassified documents of the GB secret service), in case Italy would have democratically elected a government formed by the democratic and the communist party, to overthrow it with a coup.
I think you may agree with me that as Berlusconi represents something atypical, also the interfering in the interior affairs of another government is also something atypical. Moreover, we are talking about "plans" to overthrow a government, which is one of the worst crime a government can ever plan.

During the 1970s Berlusconi was selected in order to realize the goal to take the power through a "white coup", in other words without killing anyone. This had to be done through the television and other tools. About this you might be interested to read something about P2 and Licio Gelli, who was the head of a masonic illegal association named "loggia P2", and Berlusconi was one of his member.
The "Loggia" had plans to bring Italy to "modernity" and the plans were consisted of five main points. Berlusconi was able to fulfil all of them,
and he received the congratulations from Gelli himself as a proof that the connection between them is not only a "mere conspiracy theory" but a well clear and stated fact.

So far, It is not official, since not all the documents have been declassified, that P2 + (GB + USA) secret services worked together in order to destabilize the weak Italian Democracy.
Here we could, unfortunately, and hopefully for the next few years, only conjecture about the dramatic secret operations occured in Italy in the 1970s in order to defend the western world from the danger of communism. In other words, we cannot state that Gelli + Berlusconi + CIA + MI5 surely worked together.

BUT...we certainly know two facts:

  • first, GB and USA were afraid of the Italian communism, because it could have show, as well as Allende in Chile, that there was a third way opposing the capitalism of western countries and the communism of the USSR. From official declassified documents we know that they planed as an extreme solution even to overthrow the democratically elected Italian government in case the communist party would have been part of it.
  • second, in Italy there was an association which had, as main part of his program, the introduction of a media-based dictatorial regime, result that has been fully achieved.
Therefore, although we do not have all the documents we need, since we are person endowed with a brain, we can put together all the pieces of this big puzzle, (see also memories of Aldo Moro's wife concerning the fears of the former Italian statesman about Kissinger), and build the whole picture of the latest part of Italian history.

Of course, in the modern history of Italy there is not only one subject which is guilty.
That is to speak out that not only the GB and USA secret services are the causes, but also the structure of Italian society itself with all his characteristics made it possible. But you know, you cannot blame a child who gets a lung cancer if his father smokes all the time.

With this email I would like to invite you to consider also the aforementioned aspects, which are not negligible issues.
And please ask GB and USA citizens not only to criticize and blame Italy, but also to criticize their own governments for what they did to us.
It would be nice, if some of the journalists, writers, and professors of the Anglo-Saxon world start,one day, to mention the responsibilities of their own governments and if one day they finally stop to describe Italians just as a flock of sheep unable to make any real changes.

I am shame of my country, and that's way I left it, but I know that a significant part of its guiltiness comes from foreign interventions.

Thanks a lot for your attention,
Yours Sincerely,