30 November 2008

Tiramisu recipe !

Dear reader,

I just wrote this receipt for a friend, and I thought that it could be useful to have it for everybody:-)

Enjoy your Tiramisu.

Tiramisu' receipt for four persons

4 eggs
500g mascarpone (the Italian cheese)
4 (big) spoons of sugar
caffe (as much as you need)
cacao (as much as you need)
biscuits, about 150g, maybe more

Step to be done to prepare tiramisu':
  1. Separate between yellow and white part of the eggs
  2. In the meanwhile prepare the coffee, that you have to use later
  3. Mix yellow + sugar and white alone
  4. Add the mascarpone to the yellow+sugar cream, and apply the mixer again
  5. Afterwards mix the white (that now should look like snow, or at least a dense cream) with the yellow+sugar+mascarpone cream. After mixing that, the final cream is ready.
  6. Decide how to place the biscuits into the container, afterwards soak the biscuits one by one into the coffee (this last must be cold), and place them in the container.
  7. Once the first layer is finished, ladle the already prepared cream on this first layer of biscuits. You must ladle an abundant quantity:-).
  8. Once this is done, start with the second layer. Once this is finished, ladle the cream once again (this is the last layer, so you should ladle a bit more).
  9. As last step, dust the tiramisu with cocoa (dust cacao).
Now, you will place the tiramisu into the fridge, and wait for four-five hours.
After that, you can eat it!

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