11 February 2009

Interesting article

Dear Readers,

I found and read the following article written by John Pilger, who is one of my favorite journalists.

I have to say that I essentially agree with his points, but I can also glimpse, in his words, the typical characteristic of left-wing people (like myself), where they end up to be never satisfied, no matter what happens. (Here I am referring to his concerns about President Barack Obama).

Hereafter I don't want to describe the article. I believe that if you are interested in, you can read it by yourself:-)

I decided to write these few lines, just to let you know my comments after I finished to read it.

your sincerely,

The aforementioned article was written for New Statesman.

Here comes my comment:


my name is Antonio.

I agree with John Pilger that modern media are doing propaganda and not providing information. BBC is by the way, among the institutional media, one of the best.
I am Italian, and for me BBC, compared to the current media in Italy, resembles the ideal way to provide information.

About Obama.
You are right when you complain against his first acts. Complaining and protests are fundamental for a health democracy.
But, please do not forget that if Obama acted as he wanted, he would be assassinated immediately.
In my opinion, he is a very honest and intelligent man, and he proved that during his whole life. So please do no judge him for ONLY two weeks!
Obama cannot and is not allowed to rapidly bring changes in the US society, which is too conservative, ignorant and selfish. He needs first to prepare his way. It is hard to say, but this is the point.
Moreover, you should have understood that Obama won and he is supported only because the US establishment needed him (for example they needed him and his high-level collaborators to solve the current financial problems). The day they will not need him any longer they will put him aside, by employing all the possible means.

JFK did not get such a nice judgment by M.L. King until the beginning of 1963. Only that year MLK started appreciating the man JFK. That year the president Kennedy was barbarously assassinated in Dallas, few weeks before he decided to withdraw the troop from the Vietnam. After his death, L. johnson moved forward to really start the war in South Asia.

This is the difference between a great man (JFK, Obama, etc.) and puppets in the hands of the corporatocracy (Johnson, Bush, etc.).
This is what you should point out, at least as a hope, in your next article.

your sincerely,

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