19 August 2009

An interisting machine to early detect cancer

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am an Italian researcher living in Munich.
I got to know from some friends the following research concerning a machine to early detect cancer diseases.
I know that you are a sensible and intelligent man, therefore I decided to write this short message.

The researcher seems to be serious, and his researches too. I had a look at his CV and his works, and he surely knows what to do!
His work has been already certified by several universities, research centers, and famous professors.
All the certifications were successfully passed.
Although the evidence of the importance of invention, it seems that the big producers of medical machine do not want to finance his work, since they claim that it will not be profitable.
Moreover, Dr. Crosetto doesn't want to earn money from his patent and this may be an obstacle to the realization of his detection machine.
I hope that you or some of your collaborators will have time to have a look at "Crosetto foundation" web site, and hopefully your administration, in case you think it makes, sense, will be able to make possible the commercialization of this machine.

Your sincerely, and thanks for your work!

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