12 December 2008

Mr. John Pilger

Dear Readers,

I sent a couple of minutes ago this short email to the editor of Mr. John Pilger.
I believe that after having watched one of his documentaries, you will agree with me and send your letter to him!

your sincerely,

Here you can find the official web site of Mr. John Pilger

Here comes the letter:
my name is Antonio Napoli, I am 34 years old and I am Italian.

I recently discovered the works of Mr. John Pilger.
I have to admit that I seldom watched documentaries at the same level of
the ones made by Mr. Pilger.
Every journalist should take him as an example for the rest of his career.

Mr. Pilger is extremely prepared and informed at explaining the facts behind the histories he tells us in his documentaries.
Moreover, he is very polite and it seems that he strongly believes in what he does!
Last but not the least, Mr. Pilger is not afraid of powerful men. He is courageous to ask questions that nobody else would ask. He does this with anyone he interviews, and it seems that the more important is the person he is interviewing, the stronger the questions are. I never saw something like that.

Hereby I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Pilger and I heartily hope that Mr. Pilger can continue to produce his documentaries that, without exaggerating, changed the history of journalism.

The journalism of Mr. Pilger is as the journalism should be.

yours sincerely,

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