17 June 2008

Letter - We should support Barack Obama

Hallo everyone,

this is my first post and I wanted to start with an email I sent to the so-called SuperDelegates of the democratic US party in order to convince them to vote for Barack Obama.

Hereafter you can find the link to the message board where you can write similar mail to the Super delegates.

Best regards
Antonio Napoli

The letter I sent to the Super delegates:

Dear Super delegates,

my name is Antonio Napoli. I was born in Salerno (south of Italy) in 1974.
I graduated in electrical engineering at the Politecnico of Torino, one of the best technical university in Italy, and got a PhD in the same field.
Currently I live in Munich (Germany) where I work with Nokia Siemens Networks as a R&D engineer.

During my studies I had the opportunity to travel around Europe to enlarge my technical knowledge; moreover my beautiful girlfriend comes from Taiwan; therefore, I believe I have the same degree of open-mindedness of the president candidate Mr. Barack Obama.

Although having a strong background in engineering, I have always had a particular interest in history, which later on became a passion for politics.
When you are interested either in modern history or in politics, you have to deal with the history of USA.
At the foundation of US as a country, it established one of the milestones of modern democracies with US constitution of 1787, which still represents one of the most advanced constitutions in the world.
US constitution, already in late eighteen century has introduced concepts as protecting the right to free exercise of religion and freedom of speech. In the following centuries US will strongly contribute to the recognition of the most important civil rights.

When I had my first approach to the study of history, the common impression about US was of a country fighting all-over the world for defending peace, democracy and human rights.
Later one, during my adolescence, I understood that the US government, in particular, after the assassination of the two Kennedy brothers, was just the speaker of enormous interests carried on for big corporations working on field of healthy care, weapon, oil, etc.
The president of USA, as we can easily read in officially documents, receives donation from such companies, and is than forced to satisfy their interests during his presidency.
Examples about this collusive pact are homogeneously spread over the past 40 years, with a small difference between the democrats candidates compared to the republicans.

Finally, something astonishing happens during the 2008 primary USA elections. Where an almost unknown senator, who has dedicated his life to defend and help poor people in his home town, strikes in the campaign and he candidates himself to become the next US president without receiving financing from the mentioned companies.

There are several original things in the proposal coming from Barack Obama, but in my opinion three of them are much more important than the others.
First, his program is entirely focused on peace. He often mentions that he will be a freedom president, rather than
a war one. I do not know the perception you have in USA concerning what the other countries think about yours, but if you travel out of USA you can clearly feel that the politics headed by the US administration (directly by the US government or indirectly by (for example) the International monetary found) do not have a such high reputation...US is perceived as the country that to pursue his unilateral politics will resort military action.
Second, Obama extensively characterized his program with solutions for education and health care for the US citizens. I would not underestimate Obama's proposal to provide all the students with 4000$/year provided that they will look after poor or handicap persons or in general they will work for the society. This is an astonishing way to increase the common sense of united society, and I would vote for Obama just because of this idea.
Last and the most important is that, neither the strong pharmaceutical industries nor the weapon companies nor the oil ones financed Barack Obama. He has not to account for something to anyone, except the US citizens who financed him with hundreds of thousand of donations. In other words: Barack Obama is free to fully accomplish his electoral program. This is the most astonishing and innovative aspect of the candidate Barack Obama!

I believe that the entire world needs a good government in USA, therefore the world needs Barack Obama.
Although I am not a US citizen, I care about what is going on in USA, therefore I strongly support the nomination of Barack Obama as candidate of the Democrats for the 2008 US presidency campaign.

yours sincerely,
Antonio Napoli


Anonymous said...

Great one! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi ! No more new articles?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Antonio for this nice letter, but still I have some comments on it:
The main purpose of this letter is to talk with the American decision makers, or maybe to make some reactions from the normal American people and not directed to European people. Therefore, you can't cross some red lines for the Americans which they call "The American dream". You can't tell them indirectly that all of your wars are just for oil and for big companies to sell weapons, because that is not the truth in their eyes. For example, you should keep in mind that the main reason for the Americans to hate the war against Iraq, is because they are losing some soldiers in there, and not because it is an unjustified war.

My suggestion to "AMERICANIS" your mind a bit before writing the letter. And I guess a good suggestion is to take your notebook with you to Mac Donald’s and try to correct your letter in there.

Best Wishes

Antonio Napoli said...

Thanks for your comment!

but next time sign it, ok? it makes the things easier:-)
I accept your advice and I can unserstand the point...but I believe that US people have some day to face the truth of what the government by thierself elected, did all over the world. And the earlier this day comes, the better for them and for us is!!


Please, from now on try to refer to US people and not to Americans, since this term is totally wrong.
Moreover, my friends from south America do not like the misuse of this word, since they already suffered too much because of US, and to be associated their self with the US citizens is not the best thing to do. Try to understand it. Any way I will post a comment on the main page about this topic.

Antanibeppe said...

You really sent this letter??? :O
You are great, compare!
What astonishes me, what I admire is your belief in the power of ideas to change the world.
And you try to make your part: you write letters, start debates, help in the electoral campaign, and many other things that I do not know.
What will happen in then near future???
To my opinion, it is all a chain of action-reaction effects: september 11 caused the big, exaggerated, almost "instinctive" military reaction of the US, that naturally proved itself fruitless over the years. In my opinion, US people are now much less worried about terrorist risks than some years ago. They rather start worrying about their declining economy, and about the huge costs of a useless military campaign. The are now much less easy to convince to go on in Iraq, or even to attack Iran. There is a pacifist front which is growing stronger, and I think that Obama is simply a result of all this.
That's reassuring, after all: it does not all depend on one man (Obama, today), but there's a set of factors that push in that direction. You can even kill a man, but you can't prevent these factors from leaving a sign in US politics.
And this is, very often, what History itself teaches us: that behind noble ideals and high principles proclaimed by new political actors lay much more practical considerations that push in that direction (you have plenty of examples: abolition of slavery is one).

Antonio Napoli said...

Dear Antanibeppe,

first of all many thanks for your contribution and sorry for the late reply. Thanks also for the compliments:-).
I try to do what I can, but I feel like I am doing nothing compared to many people who are helping the world by risking sometime their life. See the links I posted on the main page of my blog, under the title "Let's change the world".

About you comment, I agree with what you wrote at the beginning, although I believe the 11th September was not a terrorist attack but either an
inside job or something like Pearl Harbour. But I will come
back in the near future on this topic with plenty of
references, material and comments.
On the other hand, I don't totally agree about the last part of your post. I think that if the "bad" men kill the right man at the right time, the bad can stop the movement, unless that this movement is not particularly dangerous. In this case the bad can allow the movement to continue, but of course not with the same intensity as before. You gave as an example the end of slavery in US (right?). Well, think at the brutal assassination of John and Robert Kennedy. They killed them, because at that time they needed to make money with the war in Vietnam. This was of course only one of the reasons, but it was one of the most important. After having though about the two Kennedy brothers, think now about Martin Luther King's movement (or if you want the one started by Ms. Rosa Parks protest). M.L. King has been killed, the movement suffered a lot, but somehow continued...but it lost its strength. the movement was not any more as before...For instance, think about the following: how can we neglect the fact that among the democrats electors the 40% declared that he considers a problem to vote for Obama because of his skin colour...The movement started with Ms. Parks has been clearly slowed down!!! Ciao and many many thanks for reading me! I wish you all the best! Antonio