28 June 2008

Letter - Another contribute for Barack Obama

Dear readers,

first of all thanks for reading my blog and thanks in advance for your comments.

Hereafter, I decided to post another letter, written some months ago, to support Barack Obama in front of the Super Delegates of the Democratic Party.
I am posting it, since I found this contribute very well structured and written.

At the moment, the two letters posted on this blog are not any more "necessary" to help Barack Obama to being support by the Super Delegate since he has been already nominated as democrat candidate for the US 2008 elections.
But on the other hand, I think that the two letters represent an useful contribute to the discussion about the need of a change inside the US administration and government.

For obvious reasons, I deleted all reference that could have helped to identify the author of the letter. Here comes the letter:

My name is ???, I was born in yyo, ???, in ????. I graduated in ??? in ??? and got a ??? in
??? in ??? from ???. Since mid ???? I live in ????, ???.

I care a lot about politics, especially international politics.
I think it cannot be disputed that the US pursued, especially during the past 7 years of Bush administration, an international agenda focused on global domination, unilateralism and arbitrary and unjustified use of military force.
The huge sums of money wasted into oil wars, unnecessary homeland security and the so called "space shield" contributed to determine a sensible economic slowdown, possibly leading to recession not only in the US, but in the whole world. Federal debt grew to unprecedented levels. On top of this, the decision not to ratify the Kyoto protocol by the world's biggest polluter posed a formidable obstacle to the advancement of the international efforts aimed at the reduction of carbon dioxide's and pollutants' emissions.

For these and other reasons I won't bother mentioning, the US is widely perceived around the world as an evil and selfish nation, using its enormous power and influence in order to promote the interests of a small oligarchy of corporations and lobbyists, instead of peace, democracy, stability and economic development. Disaffection, if not open hostility, toward the US is growing steadily all around the world.
Therefore, I think it is urgent for the US to radically change policy by electing a president who listens to the needs of the people and not to those of lobbyists, who prefers spending federal budget for universal health care and education instead of wasting money in oil wars, who is willing to promote huge investments in renewable and sustainable energies for the future, who's expression of the people rather than of the establishment and thus has a strong motivation for change.

I strongly believe that the presidential candidate who better embodies these radically different policies is Barack Obama and I'm actively supporting his campaign even though I'm not a US citizen. This is because I think the whole world would benefit from good policy coming from the US.

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