30 June 2008

Speech - On Mindless Menace of Violence

Dear readers,

first of all many thanks for reading this post!
It is a long time that I wanted to write something about this short video, that better than any other document elucidates the thoughts of Senator Robert Kennedy.

Click here for the video on you tube!

while here there is the video transcription (in English):

Sen. Robert Kennedy gave this speech the day after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, the fourth of April 1968, 2 months and 1 day before he was also brutally assassinated in Los Angeles.

Since I believe that the speech is clear enough, I will not add too much to it. The only thing is important to me to be mentioned is that this document together with the others you can find on-line at the JFK library or at the RFK memorial , clearly suggests the political, social and economical reasons behind the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy.

I will come back to you in the next weeks with a proper documentation about which are, in my opinion, the reasons behind the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy, but before I terminate this post, I have a request for you:

please, try to imagine how the world would have been, if Sen. Robert Kennedy had had the possibility to become President of USA in 1968? Would the world have been better? And if you agree with that, are you willing to try to make the world a better place according to what Sen. Robert Kennedy told us to do? Try to think about!

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Anonymous said...

awaiting foe new articles

Antonio Napoli said...

Ok, they will come soon...just let me finish to set all the sections in the blog...
By the way, it would be nice that you sign your post, even if the post does not deal with any particular thing:-). have a nice day!

Alessandro said...

In this respect, I fully agree with you.
As we both know (and many more people should realize), the assassination of both R.F. and J.F. Kennedy was organized and perpetrated by those special interest groups (especially the defence lobby group, the military and the secret services) who were threatened by the thoughts and political orientation both of these men were trying to give to the US. It is clear even to a child that the shot who killed J.F.K. came from the front direction, thus completely invalidating the conclusions of the Warren commission about this case and leaving the world without the thruth. And all the secrecy and classification of documents concerning that assassination just confirms that there's something huge to be hidden. Of course, many irrelevant documents concerning the assassination have been already declassified, but those who would really shed light upon those facts will probably come out only when all people involved will be long dead.
And of course, the above mentioned interest groups did not stop with those assassinations. They are currently sitting in Washington, lobbying, campaigning for both the Republicans (in full) and for the Democrats (in a reduced form), trying to put trusted men in the highest positions of power, spreading disinformation in order to steer to war the biggest military power in the world without any meaningful justification if not their own interests.
Now we are about to get out of 8 consecutive years of government by those interest groups, and we all saw what they're capable of and what are the results of their policy when it is applied without restrictions. They orchestrated the 9/11 attacks in order to steer the whole world to the "war on terror", with illegal wars having then been declared on Afghanistan (where the Taliban had been hitherto helped armed and organized by the American and Pakistani secret services) and Iraq (were Saddam seized and kept power for more than 20 years with the help of the US). And, by the way, since Bin Laden, comes from one of the most important Saudi families and received huge financing for Al Quaeda's, why hasn't it been attacked? And why wasn't Pakistan attacked, since the head of its secrets services (ISI) ordered 100000 dollars to be transferred to Mohammed Atta just a few days before the attacks? These kind of questions should be sometimes asked.
However, now Iran is the next on the list, and there's no day where one cannot read on some newspapers about the danger that country represent for all of us and for democracy and so on and so forth. They are "preparing the field" with the public opinion. It can be easily forecast that Iran will be attacked as a consequence of Mc. Cain winning the elections in November. Our only hope to avoid this consist in the election of Obama, who for sure opposes unilateralism and has tried to do everything he could in order not to be under the influence of special interest groups and lobbies.
He's currently the only hope we have in order to revert the current, catastrophic world trend. Restoring peace and diverting elsewhere the huge defence budgets will have immediate and beneficial effects on the economy (especially on the mood of consumers and investors). Big efforts towards renewable energies will put the American economy back at work, at the same time lowering emissions of the biggest pollutant in the world and diminishing its destabilizing appetite for oil. The whole world would benefit from Obama becoming president of the US (and, of course, not being killed mysteriously after a few months!). Everybody should be hopeful that he will be luckier than J.F.K. and R.F.K...

Antonio Napoli said...

Hallo Alessandro,

as usual your comments are always well structured and written! Thanks for posting them!
As I mentioned in the post, I will discuss the topic of R. Kennedy and J. Kennedy in a series of posts concerning to what was in my opinion the end of democracy in USA.

Before I start my answer, I have to say that I completely agree with you on all the points you considered in your comment.
John and Robert Kennedy have been clearly killed within a very well
premeditated plot organized at the highest political and military circles within the US administration together with the US secret services (i.e. CIA, see Prouty L.Fletcher - The Secret Team, The CIA).
Their purpose was clearly to bring to a stop the multilateral ism
politics that the Kennedy administration was carrying on.
It is here worth to remember, for the umpteenth time, that John Kennedy wanted to stop the starting war in Vietnam officially started about 10 year before the became president, see Robert Dallek An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917 - 1963).
We know that John Kennedy signed, three days before he was brutally assasinated in Dallas, an ordinance to withdraw the 5000 soldiers from Vietnam (same reference as before). It is a
fact, that three days after his death, Lyndon Johnson increased the number of involved US soldiers in Vietnam to about 50000. But this was not the only reason...

Unfortunately what you describe is what happened, and my regret is that because of this joint venture between lobbies and military apparati, millions of people
have been killed with the excuse to "export" democracy, when the only purpose was to open their nations to the US corporation market or, in the worse case to exploit the natural resources of the assaulted country.
This is exactly the opposite of what Robert Kennedy implored to do, that 5th of April 1968.
He asked for peace, he asked for love, he asked to help your brothers and sisters, instead we got only destruction, starvation, desperation!

Now it exists the possibility that a man named Barack Obama may become president of USA.
A victory of Barack Obama could finally stop the use of US governent as a tool in the hands of the lobbies producing weapons and exploiting oil.
But are we sure that Obama will be able to realize his plans? I will come back also on this topic, but I agree with you when you adfirm that he will be lucky if is able to survive!


Kelila said...

Well said.