1 July 2008

Rules of the blog

Hallo everybody,

since now I seriously decided to keep my personal blog updated, I decided to provide you with some rules your the comments. The rules for this blog are very simple and are the following:
  1. do not be afraid of expressing your own opinion!
  2. and please, sign your post!
  3. criticize and propose modifications without problem. I will never cancel any of your post, but I will moderate with the purpose to avoid that someone offends someone else.
  4. try to keep the discussion within the topic of the post where you are, in case you have any new argument you want to talk about, please just mail it to me: napoli.antonio@gmail.com
That is!
Waiting for your comments, I wish you all the best!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like this blog. for real!

berto xxx