20 July 2008

Stop the prejudices!!!

Dear Readers,

this post is just about an answer I wrote on other blog, and since I found that comment quite offending for me I decided to report it here.

You will notice the crudeness of my words...please, try to understand my feelings...I was deeply offended about my country because of some infantile prejudices.
I am really sick to read such stupid comments about a nation...

Concerning the Italian status, everybody who is adult knows that the current political situation of the Italian society is not performing at the best, but this does not obscure our glorious past.
Moreover, since the reasons behind are so complicate and diverse, nobody is allowed to use prejudices in order to explain something that he does not know in deep.

I wish you all the best,
and thanks for reading!

This was the blog:


Here comes my answer:


I found this comment of yours in another blog.
I have to say that I feel outraged to see that still exists people like you with such puerile prejudices.
I don't know where you are from, but nevertheless I have to tell you that are there only few countries on this earth with a strong and important past as Italy had, and is not only about the Roman empire.
The whole peninsula had a great and glorious history.
The last decades cannot obscure it, and you are not allow to offend a nation, it does not matter which is. Moreover you statements are so poor...

You talk about football...is it something so important? By the way Italy won four times
the world cup without cheating any one (actually Italy has suffered it)...Did your country did the same? And what about technology? Did your country ever express something at the same level of Ferrari? Let me it know, because I am curious.
You talk about army...is it the most important thing of a nation?
I thought that scientists, musicians, artists, mathematicians, etc. etc were much more important...
By the way the history of Italy is full of brave and amazing generals...I don't know if you have ever heard of Eugenio di Savoia...search in Internet and try to understand why he deserved to get the Belvedere in Vienna as a gift...it may be that you learn something new...
But how can you talk like that? The western society has been shaped and it is based on the Roman Empire??? I remind you that Rome is in Italy.
OK, let's forget the Romans, and what about Macchiavelli, and Giotto, and Michelangelo and Giordano Bruno, and Marconi, and Fermi? I hope you have already heard about them. And what about your language (only in case you are English)? English contains 60-65% of Latin words (according to Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries)...have you ever noticed it?

Than you reached the top of the offences with the last point about mafia...
I really hope you are not English or an US guy...because Italian mafia cannot organize wars and kill hundreds of thousands of persons around the world as the English or the US governments did in the last 3-4 centuries...
If you take any book (take Britannica encyclopedia for example) and look for the word Mafia, you will notice that Mafia is characterized by some common aspects.
Thus try to think how the western governments behave (the US and the English in particular)...and you will end up that they have a lot of things in common with mafia...
I give you an example: in the mafia organization if someone decides to become a repentant criminal, what does it happen to him? He is immediately killed.
Well, there were about 65 witnesses for trial concerning the assasination of John Kennedy set by Judge Jim Garrison...45 have been killed before they could testify (see L. Fletcher Prouty JFK: The CIA, Vietnam and the plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy)...do you notice any similarity? I hope you know that JFK was killed by a plot and one of the reason was to go further with the Vietnam war since the US weapon corporation wanted/need this...you can easily search who is financing whom during the US elections...and you will see that such corporations did not almost finance JFK and they definitely did not finance his brother Robert (who was also brutally assassinated)...

I hope that this explanation give you the opportunity to open your eyes...and clean your mind by infantile prejudices..

your sincerely


FOARP said...

This means war!


Antonio Napoli said...

Hi Foarp,

I answered you on your personal blog. I hope we keep the discussion at a peaceful level, without making any war declaration...
For me it would be enough that you argue about the points I mentioned...

Let me know!

Antonio Napoli said...

and? Foarp where are you? are you organizing the army:-)?

Let us know!

Tom said...

Hi Antonio.. thanks for stopping by my blog..

It's never really worth comparing different countries and suggesting one is better than the other. Every country has it's good along with it's bad.

I like Italy quite a lot. It's beautiful, and the people are generally very nice. Some of the world's greatest artists and scientists were Italians, and Italy has achieved many great things. But, as with any country, there are also things I'm sure you're not proud of.

To this day, Italy still hosts the Vatican - the Catholic religion, which is responsible for many of the greatest horrors in all of human history.

Antonio Napoli said...

Hi Tom!

I found your post and your blog very high-level!
I fully agree with what I wrote (but as I said I was strongly offended, please try to understand it...I want to get rid off these prejudices about my country), and I also agree with what you wrote about the Vatican...

I am not anti-USA at all...my myths, heroes are also Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincon, John Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and in particular Robert Kennedy...they represent my "american dream", I am translating Sen. Kennedy speeches...pages and pages of speeches:-). These men were just amazing!!...but unfortunately they have been brutally assassinated by, in my opinion, the same people who are still ruling USA...

This is a very complicate topic, and I hope to keep in contact with you in order to further discuss about!

best wishes!