19 August 2008

Sometimes the economic hit men get hit too!

Dear Readers,

Few weeks ago I reported the review of one of the last book I read, "Confession of an economic hit man", written by Mr. John Perkins.

Yesterday I found the following news on my favourite source of information: BBC:

Venezuela takes over cement units, and Venezuela to seize cement plants.

They both describe the ongoing nationalization of cement companies in Venezuela.
In fact, the Venezuelan government, lead by Mr. Hugo Chavez, deliberated the nationalization of the cement companies, which were mainly owned by foreign corporations, in order to lower the price of the cement inside the Latin American country and also to concentrate the sales inside the continent rather than overseas.
This nationalization follows the previous ones concerning oil, telecommunication, iron and steel industry and electricity companies.

If we keep in mind the John Perkins's work, we could state that sometimes the economical hit men are hit instead of hitting.

The Venezuelan nationalizations are part of the so-called XXI century socialism program.
And although I do not personally entirely support Mr. Chavez policy, I have to recognize that he is one of the few strong and charismatic leaders capable to defend the interest of the poor people of his country against the power of Corporatocracy.
Mr. Chavez, along with some of his colleagues leaders of Latin American developing countries. is seeking a new (different) way to rescue the martyred population of that continent from the foreign (western) interests that for more than 500 years have decided the destiny of South America. Therefore, I believe he needs our support.

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GagoX said...

Hi Antonio

you are right... at least someone is doing something, but wait till they start the war on Iran, the next one is Venezuela (although on a second thought...we in Latinamerica are more used to coups)


Antonio Napoli said...


I believe that South America has now its chance to change the course of its destiny.
One thing is to overthrow one single government, another is to overthrow ten governments or even more.
Chavez, together with Morales, Torijos, and all the other socialist leaders of Latin America, can really model this part of the continent in a total new way. Where the riches are finally less rich, and the poor less poor.
This was exactly the dream of Salvador Allende, and now the dream comes true!
We certainly know that Allende has been force to his last act, because his model of a state, was considered, in Washington, too good compared to the one functioning in USA (I do not remember the issue but I read this on the Economist, referring to new disclosed archives).
In other words, because of their weakness in proposing a satisfying model, Salvator Allende was overthrown, leading to his final dramatic decision.
But now, we have got many Salvador Allende, too many for them!!!
They cannot do anything more...

Ciao and thanks for reading/writing