15 August 2008

Speech - Statement on the Assassination of Martin Luther King

Dear Readers,

here another speech delivered by Sen. Robert Kennedy, for the italian version click here.
The 4th of April 1968, Sen. Robert Kennedy communicated to a gathered crowd the dramatic news of the cruel assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

In this short and extremely intense speech, Sen. Robert Kennedy addressed the audience to avoid to feel into the trap of violence, by strongly underlining that USA did not need a further escalation of hatred and violence, but rather love and compassion. He concluded his talk, by begging his countrymen, once arrived home, to pray for Dr. King family, and for the USA.

The moral depth of this statement provided by Sen. Robert Kennedy, in relation with this tragic event, assumed an even higher value considering that after only two months and two days, he would have been himself victim of another brutal assassination in Los Angeles.

Compared with the extraordinary high moral values expressed into the speech, my comments are useless. Therefore I will leave you alone with Sen. Robert Kennedy own voice in awhile.

But before I terminate, I want to strongly prod you to meditate on Sen. Kennedy words.
Meditation alone is, by the way, not enough...and paraphrasing a famous Latin sentence, we could say that "scripta volant, res manent"!
Therefore let force each of us (only for whom did not start yet) to actively contribute to change this world and make it a better place for us and for whom will follow us. Let us fill humanity with compassion, love and help, exactly as Sen. Robert Kennedy asked us to do.

yours sincerely,

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