11 January 2009


Dear readers,

I recently discovered, by chance, the art of Mirko'.
I was on holiday in Salerno, and I went for a couple of hours to Vietri, a small city close to Salerno. Vietri is the first town of the famous Amalfi Coast.

Walking around the small streets of Vietri I personally met a young Italian artist, Mirko'.
Mirko' is a very easy going guy, although he already reached world wide success.
In fact, his art (he paints vases and paintings) is already exhibited together with artist like Dali', Miro', Picasso, Chagall etc.
Furthermore, if you consider that Mirko' is only 28 years old, you can understand that this guy is more a genius than a normal artist.

I am the last person on the earth indicated to talk about art. But I believe that art is also feeling, and since I visited many areas like Vietri during my life, I have to admit that it never happened that an artist impressed me as much as Mirko' did. His paintings, his vases are full with colors and details. I had the impression that you can observe them for hours and continuously find something new. I couldn't stop of admiring his work!

I invite all of you, in case you travel to the south of Italy, to visit Vietri and to visit Mirko' atelier!

Here there is a video about an exhibition that Mirko' held in London.

best regards to everybody,


Anonymous said...

Dear Antonio

You are such a great person. What makes you really great is your support for young people...wither it is a student working in our company or a young artist in the middle of no where in Italy, you are always there to support.

You have such a wonderful personality

Antonio Napoli said...

Thanks a lot for these nice and sincere words. I think it is a must to do that.
Moreover, when you meet such smart persons like you and Mirko', how can I avoid to advertise you?;-)))

You know that I criticize many things...but if I find something I like or appreciate I do not lose the occasion to advertise, help and do whatever I can in order to give a small contribute.

We must be active in the society, because this is one of the few manners to improve it:-)