17 January 2009

Book Review - Borsellino's red diary

Dear Readers,

I finish reading a book about the Italian judge Paolo Borsellino and one of his diary.
Mr. Borsellino was world-wide famous for his investigations, in strict collaboration with Mr. Giovanni Falcone, about Sicilian mafia.
This post does not want to talk about the role and the work of these two judges and also victims of mafia, but rather it wants to describe the book aforementioned.

When Paolo Borsellino was barbarously murdered in Palermo on July 19th, 1992, only 53 days after the assassination of his friend and colleague Mr. Falcone, he had a small red diary with him.
Mr. Borsellino used to bring this red diary always with him. His wife Agnese confirmed that he was almost sleeping with it.

What did Borsellino use to write on that diary?

According to his wife, sons, and collaborators, Mr. Borsellino made use of it as a prospect for his idea concerning his current and future investigations.
And which were the current investigations of Mr. Borsellino at the time he has been murdered?
Mr. Borsellino was a member of the so-called Mafia Pool, which consisted of few experts about the mafia problems in Sicily working at general power of attorney of Palermo. The leaders of that group were Mr. Falcone and Mr. Borsellino.
From the murder of his colleague Mr. Falcone up July 19th, 1992, day of his death, Mr. Borsellino was investigating on the assassination of Mr. Falcone.

In fact, after the murder of Mr. Falcone, Mr. Borsellino mentioned to several persons (one of them was the head of the district in charge to investigate on the murder of Mr. Falcone), that for him he was clear who killed Mr. Falcone. All these notes and memos have been written, according to his wife and collaborators, on the red diary. Moreover, the red diary contained also notes concerning others investigations that were ongoing at general power of attorney of Palermo. One of this was about the connections between Sicilian mafia and Mediaset, the company belonging to Silvio Berlusconi.

Mr. Borsellino was murdered by an enormous amount of trinitrotoluene placed closed to the entrance of the building where his mother lived. The explosive was place inside a car.
The diary was in Mr. Borsellino's bag, and his bag was in his car, and it was found untouched after the explosion. All the documents that Mr. Borsellino carried with him have been regularly found inside the bag, except the red diary.
A Carabiniere, later on identified as Giovanni Arcangioli, has been photographed while he is carrying Mr. Borsellino's bag somewhere. The bag that after the release of this photo, was found once again inside the car. But now without the red diary.

The book tries to reconstruct the events between the assassination of his friend Mr. Falcone and Mr. Borsellino's murder. The idea of the book is interesting and surely provides some knowledge to the readers. On the other hand, as Mr. Borsellino's wife declared, Mr. Borsellino did not share the contents of his diary with anyone, apart, with his colleague and friend Mr. Falcone. Therefore the book cannot provide the solution to the mystery of the red diary contents.

Now we have to identify who took advantage by the stealing of the red diary belonging to Mr. Borsellino. Since we do not have any evidence, it is difficult to make any statements.
On the hand we are capable of thinking and we should use our intelligence to conjecture the reasons behind the disappearance of Mr. Borsellino's red diary.

Mr. Borsellino was hardly investigating on the death of his friend Mr. Falcone, a man who has been materially assassinated by Mafia. I expressly write "materially" because the reasons behind his assassination are far from being only related to the Sicilian criminal organization.

Mafia in Italy, as well as everywhere in the world, strongly interacts with the central government. In Italy we call it mafia, in others countries you would call it corporatocracy or bank system.

Mr. Falcone and Mr. Borsellino were the most important experts about mafia problematics in Italy, and among the most important in the world. Moreover, their intelligence and know-how about mafia was far away from any other investigator. In other words, if they had not killed them, they would have, one day, discovered the connections between mafia and politics.
Therefore both of them had to be murdered. And once they assassinated one, the second deserved immediately the same destiny, before he could understand who decided to kill the first.

Following the assassination of these two astonishing figures, the feeling of a certain indignation arose in Italy. This atmosphere continued for less than two years, when a member of a Mason association, called P2, with the purpose of organizing a coup in Italy, took the power.
This man, Silvio Berlusconi, distracted Italians attention (by means of his televisions) from corruption and mafia problems. In fact he was involved in the first, and to some extention in the second.

In the years following the assassination of the two judges in Palermo, Berlusconi's media brainwashed Italian citizens by convincing them that all the judges (investigating on the political class and mafia) belonged to some secret communist sect.
Although the boundary condition were totally changed with respect to July 1992, the general attorney of Palermo was still able to finish part of the work started by Mr. Borsellino and Mr. Falcone. Particularly, under the leadership of Mr. Caselli, who was the head of the justice office in Palermo during these years, it has been possible to definitively establish the implication in mafia affairs (at least until 1981) of Mr. Andreotti, a man who has been for seven times (even thought each term was quite short) prime minister in Italy.

your sincerely,

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