3 January 2010

Letters from Italy - part I

Dear Readers,

I recently received some emails from friends who, for various reasons, have to live in the modern version of the fascist Italy (i.e. under the Berlusconi's regime).
All these friends are very high level persons, and for them it is a continuous suffering to stay in a country where the words morality and ethic are just ancient Greek words without any meaning...

To leave in a country, where the information does not exist any more, and where the most of the people surrounding you have been brainwashed by 25-years long of Berlusconi TV model, it is not easy...

I feel really sorry for these friends of mine and the only thing I can say is that
  • I will always be ready to provide my help to this poor south European country
  • and that they can come to stay with me in Munich whenever they want to finally feel what does it mean to leave in a free, advanced and modern country as Germany it is.
yours sincerely,

I will not report any name of the authors of the mail for obvious reasons.


Dear Antonio,

I am extremely worried about the situation in Italy where we are ALREADY suffering a certain form of dictatorship (for example we cannot elected our political representatives since the elected candidates are selected by the parties without any democratic logic, the justice is all over the country continuously intimidated and stopped from doing its work), the media are absent or are just slaves (n.d.a. of Berlusconi), informations through the television channels is reduced to a distraction weapon, where the through is modified and changed (n.d.a. according to Berlusconi's needs).

Last but not least, the political opposition does not exist, a part the small party of Di Pietro. In the next years the situation will worsen. In Facebook appeared some group, likely inserted by some Mafia-boy (nda, = "scagnozzo") to be later on used (by the governmental officers) to apply a global censorship to Internet with the consequently closing, or strong re-dimensioning, of blog that do not report the unique voice of the Italy's owner (n.d.a. Berlusconi). And probably we have been tricked too, joining these anti-Mafia group that appeared afterwards in Facebook.

Ignorance and unawareness are spreading through the population, and this is disarming. The cynicism and truthlessness of the politicians, and their imagination and unscrupulousness to do bad things, reached a level that we never saw before.
I have to confess you, that today I was looking for information to apply for the French citizenship. I know, that it is a crazy idea, that probably it will never be realized, also because I am xxx years old and my health is not good any more, but....

Sorry for the outburst, and keep safe your job abroad.
Poor Italy!

(P.S. You can use as you want this letter, but please do not report my name since I am afraid of)

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Anonymous said...

Ok ora che ho letto la lettera mi sparo nelle palle.